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Storio MozyPro 2.x - New version



Storio Mozy 2x Protect




Storio MozyPro 2.x - Double Protection

we’re pleased to announce the general availability of Storio Mozy 2.0 for Windows! Why are we so excited? Well, just take a look:





Up to 25% faster upload speeds – we know that one of the difficulties of online backup is that it takes time to move data online. We’ve made some significant changes to our client that makes that process a lot faster.
New interface – while we still have all the customizability and flexibility that power users have come to love and rely on to protect their data, we’ve made the Mozy client to be easier to configure, easier to understand, and easier to use for virtually everyone.
and last but not least…


Mozy 2xProtect! – we’ve preached it for years, and now we’re helping you practice it! Mozy 2.0 now allows you to back up to an external hard drive as well as our online servers. This means that you can have the speed, convenience, and protection of a local backup, while enjoying the peace of mind and extra safety that Mozy online backup already offers. We call it Mozy 2xProtect. To learn more about Mozy 2xProtect and how it can make your data even safer, check out our 2xProtect page!
As you can see, Mozy 2.0 represents a dramatic step forward in our product. We’re thrilled to be offering you a better, safer backup experience.


You can download the new Mozy 2.0 Windows client at the following places:


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