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Software as a Service - SaaS, (typically pronounced [sas]) is software that is deployed over the internet and/or is deployed to run behind a firewall in your local area network or personal computer. With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers as a service on demand, through a subscription or a “pay-as-you-go” model. Saas is also called “software on demand.” SaaS was initially widely deployed for sales force automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Now, it has become commonplace for many businesses tasks, including computerized billing, invoicing, human resource management, and service desk management.


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Storio MozyPro


From small businesses to large corporations, the critical task of PC backup can be an expensive and challenging endeavor. Fortunately, Mozy has made enterprise backup possible for everyone with its affordable, secure solution that’s simple to manage and even easier to use. Whether you’re the office manager of a small law firm, an IT consultant, or the CTO of a Fortune 100 corporation, Storio MozyPro is your enterprise solution for remote data backup.

Your IT department will appreciate the way Mozy seamlessly integrates into your organization’s existing infrastructure, and your finance department will appreciate the fact that Mozy doesn’t require any additional capital expense for tapes, CDs, or hardware.

Storio MozyPro is packed with all the enterprise-quality features you would expect from a full-service backup solution including:







  • 128-bit SSL encryption — Safely secures your data during transport.
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption — Safely secures your data on Mozy’s servers.
  • Private encryption key options — Choose Mozy’s own 448-bit key or manage your own private key to
  • encrypt your data.
  • Near Continuous Data Protection — Storio MozyPro automatically detects and backs up new and changed files every 2 hours.








  • Automatic or scheduled backup — Tell Storio MozyPro when to perform your backups. Automatic is the simplest method in which backups are performed while your computer is not in use. Scheduled backups can be performed daily or weekly at a specified time of day.
  • Block level incremental backups — Saves bandwidth and ensures future backups are lightning fast.
  • Bandwidth throttling — You can tell Storio MozyPro to use more or less of your upload bandwidth so other higher priority services can run unimpeded.




Ease of Use




  • Version (snapshot) support — Users have the option of restoring from multiple file versions up to 30 days in the past.
  • Backs up SQL, Exchange and file servers — Protect mission-critical data easier than ever with Storio MozyPro.
  • Network Drive support — The ability to back up networked or mapped drives
  • Windows Server support — In addition to Windows Vista, XP and  7, Storio MozyPro also backs up your Windows
  • 2003 and Windows 2000 servers. 64-bit Windows is supported.
  • Open/locked file support — No need to close files in order to back them up. MozyPro backs up all open and locked files, including Outlook PST files.


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Fortinet provides network security solutions that address all the most critical needs facing today’s technology-based enterprises, small- and medium-sized businesses, and information service providers. In fact, Fortinet has the only line of security solutions certified in eight ICSA Lab categories, and a full array of services to support and extend the value of these core offerings. Unlike competitors who only provide point products, Fortinet has created an innovative platform that incorporates all the essential security applications and services required to enable a safe and clean communications environment.


Branch corporate offices or smaller businesses require turnkey security solutions. Often these facilities leverage Managed Security Service Provider connectivity and benefit from an integrated customer premise equipment solution found in FortiGate Multi-Threat Security Systems.


These integrated platforms give small businesses the greatest flexibility and protection available in a modern security platform. Fortinet’s award-winning technology is consistent across its entire family of products and provides the same leading edge protection regardless of company size (SOHO to SME to large enterprise to service provider).


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